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Step Your Way to Effective Web Analytics.

Web analytics is an essential tool in monitoring and improving the performance of any website and the time and resource invested to get visitors to the site.

It collects a wealth of insights about how users find your site, what they did when they got there and how valuable their resulting actions were to the business.

We provide a solution to help ensure that a clients web account is being used to its full potential to collect the most extensive and accurate data so you can glean actionable insights to optimise website and inbound traffic acquisition performance:

Measurement Validation

Every company needs to ensure that on-site behaviour is tracked accurately, so solid business decisions can be made. Prior to investing time gleaning insights from an analytics account we validate the current measurement structure and set-up of your analytics account so you can be confident that you are tracking and working with clean data.

Analysis and Insight

After an initial set-up audit, an analysis would then be conducted to evaluate the current performance of your site based on past data collected in the analytics account. The result of this would be a report detailing how visitors are finding the site (acquisition analysis), what users are doing when they get there (user behavior & path analysis) and what happens as a result of their visit (outcome analysis).

Optimisation Strategy

A natural follow-on from gleaning the actionable insights. This is the development of a plan-of-action based on the insights and allows all efforts up to this point to be realised.

Intelligent Reporting

After the measurement validation, insights and analysis and resulting optimisation strategy has been carried out we set-up intelligent reporting so insights can be garnered and sent across the business on a continuous basis.


Customised training courses in web analytics can be developed based on:

  • Current use and knowledge of analytics in the business
  • Business structure
  • Employee’s role
  • Skills and knowledge of web analytics required.

Benefits of doing digital analytics with GlowMetrics:

Clean Data Management

Accurate Customer Insight

Smarter Decision Making

Higher Return On Investment

Partnership and Accreditation

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