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Jul 27th 2022

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Posted by Kyle Crooks

9 Free Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Business Page 

A business's social media presence is a vital part of its marketing strategy – with LinkedIn now an expected part of the mix. Though, most businesses are not making full...

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A business’s social media presence is a vital part of its marketing strategy – with LinkedIn now an expected part of the mix. Though, most businesses are not making full use of their LinkedIn Business page, with a number of new and older features not being used. In this blog, we will explore some of the more useful features and easy fixes to help improve your business’ LinkedIn page.

1. Add Organic Lead Generation Form to the Business Page

You probably know about paid LinkedIn lead generation forms already, though organic lead generation forms are an underused feature on LinkedIn. Organic Lead Generation Form is a free feature that can be included on the main page of a business’s LinkedIn page, displaying just below the ‘About’ section.


An Organic Lead Generation Form is set up by selecting ‘Edit Page’, then selecting ‘Lead Gen Form’ and filling in your details. Leads then can be collected in the left-hand menu on the admin view of the main page. Sadly, there is no CRM integration yet, so you will need to check the results regularly.

2. Implementing the LinkedIn Newsletter Feature

LinkedIn’s newsletter feature allows users to subscribe to a company’s LinkedIn published newsletter with LinkedIn then alerting the user when a newsletter is published. This feature is a useful method to communicate with engaged users over LinkedIn by reusing regular email marketing/email newsletters.

For more information on how to publish your business’s newsletter over LinkedIn, read Anna’s blog post ‘Introducing The New Newsletter Publishing Option On LinkedIn’.

Introducing the New NewsLetter Publishing option on LinkedIn

3. Invite Users to Follow with 250 Invites Credits

Each business page is gifted 250 invite credits per month as part of the LinkedIn business page. The invite credits allow you or other admins of the business page to invite their connections to follow your business page. Sadly, you can only send an invite to someone connected to your personal LinkedIn profile.

Grow your followers on LinkedIn

4. Post Regularly for your Audience (4-1-1 rule & 70-20-10 rule)

Similar to a website, your LinkedIn business page should be active and regularly updated, though, it can be difficult to know how many posts should be published each day and what kind of posts your business should be sharing. Explained below are two well-known guidelines for post quality:

The 4-1-1 rule suggests that out of every six posts, four posts should be pieces of curated content (from external sources), one post should be original content, and the remaining post should be a self-serving/promotional post.

The 70-20-10 rule suggests that 70% of the posted content should be proven to support brand building or attract visitors. While, 20% of content should be premier content ‘which may be more costly or risky but has a bigger potential new audience’, and the remaining 10% of content should be more experimental.

There are many variations of the 4-1-1 rule & the 70-20-10 rule out there, though sticking to an agreed structure of quality posts will help increase your engagement across LinkedIn over time.

Post quantity is a more interesting question. A quick Google Search will inform you that you should post from a few times a day to once every fortnight. At GlowMetrics, we try to post daily across all social media, though sometimes that doesn’t happen while at times we can post more than once – so we suggest aiming to post once a day when possible.

5. Track links to your website (UTMs)

Whether the function of your LinkedIn business page is to drive traffic to your site or to build brand awareness across LinkedIn, all links leading to your website should be tracked. Tracking links allows a better view of what traffic is coming from LinkedIn, and what content on your LinkedIn page is driving traffic. Therefore, creating more insight into what content could drive traffic and engagement in the future.

The best way to do this is with Urchin Tracking Module codes (UTMs). UTMs can be created and added to the URLs of links on posts and your business page. Traffic from tracked links is picked up and measured using your site’s linked Google Analytics account (if you have one set up).

If you haven’t created a UTM before or struggle with creating UTMs, Google Developer Tools have a good UTM builder, which makes the process really simple.

6. Engage with LinkedIn users outside your business profile as your business

It is best practice to engage with all interactions on your business posts though you can also engage outward as a business on LinkedIn. Similar to how you can React, Comment and Share from your personal LinkedIn profile, you can React, Comment and Share as your business across your feed.

While previously this was more difficult to do, LinkedIn now has an added option to select what profile/business page you wish to engage through.

Profile switching on LinkedIn

7. Compete the Business Page Set-up

LinkedIn walks you through all the recommended steps with the initial set-up of your business page. While this can seem a little over the top, the suggested set-up is very useful in the long term – with LinkedIn stating that ‘Pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views‘.

LinkedIn Product Page is a feature that should be considered as part of your business’s complete page setup. LinkedIn Product Pages allows you to include your products on your business LinkedIn page creating the opportunity for further sales/leads. While the feature also gives product users the opportunity to share their experiences and be recognized for their expertise, and for buyers to make confident decisions about products in a trusted environment. Check out the LinkedIn Product Pages FAQ for more information

Business page step-up stages on LinkedIn

8. Target an audience with your business page posts

When you post on LinkedIn as your business page, you have the option to post to anyone or to a specific audience with the post-targeting tool. By selecting the small curved box (titled ‘Anyone’) under your business name in the ‘Create a post’ function box, you can select between the options: Anyone (On or Off LinkedIn) or Targeted Audience. The Target Audience option then lets you narrow down the target audience using the following dimensions: Language, Region, Job Function, Location, University, Company Size, Seniority and Industry. To post a targeted update, you must target a minimum of 300 Page followers. Check out the Post Targeted Updates on Your LinkedIn Page for more information.

Targetting an audience with business page posts on LinkedIn

9. View your business profile as a member

The simplest on the list but potentially the most useful is the ‘View as Member’ option on the admin view of the company page. Located at the top right-hand side of the page, the View as Member option lets you view your business page as a connected member.

With this option, you can see what users see when they first enter the business page, which you can then compare to competitors’ pages and check page health.

-View your business profile as a member

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