Why UX Should Be A Priority For Digital Marketers

Written by Anna Growcott

Anna is a Digital Marketing Executive at GlowMetrics, working on digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients. Anna specialises in PPC, SEO and paid social.
September 26, 2022


It won’t come as a surprise that user experience is now paramount when it comes to digital marketing. From your website design to your content and ad copy it’s imperative that you create an enjoyable experience for your users in order to create loyalty, build brand authority and drive conversions.



User experience (UX) describes any interaction a user has with a digital service or product. UX design looks at every component that forms this experience, how it makes the user feel, and how simple it is for the user to achieve their desired tasks. For example how straightforward the checkout process is when purchasing something online or how simple the navigation of a website is to operate. The goal of UX design is to develop an easy and all-round pleasant experience for the user.


So, what can digital marketers learn from UX design? And why should they be making it a priority when it comes to their digital marketing strategy?



UX Can Improve SEO

As the digital landscape becomes more competitive you can’t run the risk of not standing out. UX will continue to play a core role in making sure you’re above your competitors. 

UX design can combine the aesthetics side of a website with SEO to improve usability and boost traffic. This can be done by including correctly sized images and videos; using CTA’s throughout your website; using clear headers; formatting content to make it easy to digest and adding links to other relatable content.




UX Helps Drive Brand Loyalty

Driving brand loyalty is one of the most important objectives for any digital marketer, and it can be achieved through excellent user experience. By creating memorable, positive experiences for your customers through good performance and an appealing interface. These experiences will help drive recurring visitors to your website and in turn increase brand loyalty.



UX Assists in Building Better Conversions

User testing is crucial when it comes to delivering a positive user experience. Digital marketers who employ regular and rigorous testing are more likely to see improved conversion rates. Testing enables you to identify the best performing copy and creative in your campaigns. It also provides you with an opportunity to discover any problems which may be stopping a potential customer from converting.



UX Optimises Mobile Experience

It will come as no surprise that over 60% of people use their mobile devices to access the internet. 67% of mobile users say they’re more likely to buy the product from a mobile-friendly site and 48% of the users feel frustrated when products are not optimised for mobile. Creating an enjoyable user experience to coincide with the continuous rise of mobile customers is essential in order to retain your conversion rates. (It’s also another great way to improve your SEO). Google Optimise is a great tool to help you test what’s working and what isn’t working on your website.



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